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For twenty-three years Percept has provided church leaders an economical link to the same demographic data relied upon by U.S. businesses, updated regularly every year.
All Link2Lead Resources Feature Latest Demographic Data Available
For twenty-three years Percept has provided church leaders an economical link to the same demographic data relied upon by U.S. businesses, updated regularly every year.
With innovative and user-friendly information resources Percept has continuously delivered leading edge decision support to church leaders when they need it—online 24 hours a day for the past decade! For example, with a mouse click you can instantly download one-page 10 Facts reports or six-page FirstView reports for the ministry area around your church, at no charge.
As a registered Link2Lead user your regional leaders are supporting you in your mission and ministry with the many resources on this website, designed to help you make a meaningful connection to your community. We encourage you to explore Link2Lead and take advantage of the information resources accessible to you 24/7—knowing they always feature the most current demographic data available.
Introducing Ministry Area Profile Maker: Custom Reports in Minutes!
Ministry Area Profile Maker
Percept's new Ministry Area Profile Maker shares the same simple online interface as FirstView Maker, a resource that Link2Lead members have been widely using since it was introduced in 2007 to create complimentary FirstView reports (see article on FirstView Maker below) while they wait. Everything you need to create your ministry area boundary and complete your order is at your fingertips and requires only a few minutes of your time. The new order system includes secure online payment as well, a feature we know many of you will appreciate. We're excited to bring the same ease, speed of delivery, and 24/7 access to making Ministry Area Profiles that has proven to be so popular with custom FirstView reports.
As a Link2Lead member you always receive the best discount available to church leaders for the Ministry Area Profile. The Link2Lead price is only $149 ($70 less than non-members pay)! For further information about this comprehensive demographic resource, or to create one for your church right now, click here.
Bonus ActiveMap Link Included with your FirstView Maker and Ministry Area Profile Maker Orders
If you have ordered a digital report using our new online order system recently you know that the links to download your custom FirstView or Ministry Area Profile are delivered via an email message. Now you'll notice an additional link to your brand new ActiveMap. In short, when you click on the ActiveMap link, you'll be taken to a modified Google map with your study area boundary shown as well as a set of colored markers. Due to our contractual relationships with over 500 denominational organizations over the years, we have amassed the largest and most accurate church location database in existence.
We call it ChurchLink and it contains over 100,000 church locations and is updated nearly every day. When you click on your ActiveMap, you'll see the closest 200 churches to your study area (the maximum allowed by Google at this time). Use your mouse pointer to hover over each church and you will see a label pop up showing the church's name and denomination. Also note that the church markers are colored by denomination. If you don't see a particular denomination on your ActiveMap, it usually means that group has not contributed church location information yet. You can zoom in and out, move the map around, switch between map view and satellite view...all with your ministry area boundary displayed. And you don't even have to sign in to the website to do it. Just click the link. When your browser opens save the page in your Favorites to open it again any time you want.
Introducing MemberView! One-click Household Mapping and Analysis
Give MemberView A Try Now...  
A Powerful New Resource for Administration and Planning (and it's free)! Church leaders who participated in an early demonstration of MemberView were not only excited about this new resource, they were full of practical ideas for how they would use it every day to enhance their church ministry. MemberView could be used to optimize the administration of events, small groups, shut-in transportation and car-pooling, outreach, neighborhood ministry, volunteer efforts, disaster preparation and recovery, and any other planning activity that benefits from seeing where people are located. In just a few minutes they listed many uses we hadn't even thought of, and we expect there may be many others.
So Easy to Get Started! MemberView features easy online entry of member addresses and a simple to use member list import that enables bulk uploading and live "geocoding" of addresses. This means you'll be able to see a Google map displaying member markers in proximity to your church just moments from uploading the file. Then you'll  be a mouse-click from seeing a one-page graphic analysis report of member distance or drive-time from the church. And this is included in your Link2Lead membership! You won't find another member/congregant plotting tool that's so easy to use, quick to results, and absolutely free to use. To see samples and learn more, or to begin using MemberView now, click here, or click the "My Congregation" tab above and then click the MemberView button on the left menu. And, as always, let us know what you think (click the "Leave Feedback" link on the header above).
Draw Your Own Boundary--
Make Your Own FirstView!!
Percept's Revolutionary New Technology Puts Completely Custom FirstView Reports at Your Real Time...for FREE!
Give FirstView Maker A Try Now...  
"WOW!" has been the overwhelming response from clients who have already used the brand new FirstView Maker. As a Link2Lead user you've had access to FirstView reports before, but they've only been available for single ZIP Code areas. On January 1, we increased your study area options by adding County boundaries and a pre-selected Radius boundary around your church. But now we've taken it so much further...
With FirstView Maker you can create any study area boundary for your church that you want! This self-service tool is unprecedented among demographic information providers. Make your own FirstView reports for free, whenever you want, in real time. 
FirstView Maker (and now Ministry Area Profile Maker) share Percept's interactive polygon drawing tool...all you do to make your boundary is click on the screen.
FirstView Maker is easy! Follow three simple steps and click the Submit button. Our computers instantly go to work creating a six-page color report for you with your custom title, exporting an Adobe PDF file, and sending the download link to your email inbox. Within a few minutes you'll be viewing your completed FirstView report wherever you are, anytime of day or night...even in the middle of a leadership  meeting. You can combine ZIP Codes, size a Radius, or even draw a Polygon boundary using our simple interactive mapping tool shown above. Click here to read more or make your first custom FirstView now. Or, click the FirstView Maker link on the My Community menu to get started anytime!
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