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For the first-time user, FirstView provides just the right amount of detail for getting a group of leaders started with demographic information. As your experience increases, you and the other leaders in your congregation may become interested in more detailed community information that is available.
Do you want to know even more about your community?
If so, you can easily compliment your FirstView report with a Ministry Area Profile from Percept -- the highest standard for a detailed and complete community demographic package designed especially for church leaders. If you want the full story behind the graphs and pictures in FirstView (cross references to the Ministry Area Profile are included), the Ministry Area Profile is definitely for you.
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  Defining your Ministry Area  
  Sample Report
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Download Sourcebook

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using our new all-digital order and delivery system,
Ministry Area Profile Maker.
Key Features
  • 27 pages including Snapshot, Interview, FingerPrint, Census, Trends, U.S. Lifestyles and Ethos reports.
  • Extensive detail beyond FirstView on age groups, household income, household concerns, lifestyles, racial/ethnicity, etc.
  • 6 Color Thematic InfoMaps are included—over 130 additional  maps are available to order.
  • User-definable geography—create your own custom area
    using a circular radius, ZIP Codes, Counties, or a custom-area that you create using our interactive online map tool.
  • Includes Sourcebook, a guide to Percept's information resources.
  • Relied upon by more than 45,000 congregations since 1988.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. You'll be satisfied or return it
    for a full refund. (Less than 1 in 1,000 are returned!)
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