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It’s a very exciting and meaningful
experience, and what’s amazing
is that it all came out of the team
that ReVision produced.
Rev. Thomas McKinnon, Pastor Donegal Presbyterian
  CHURCH (click link for website)  
  Donegal Presbyterian Church  
  LOCATION (click link for demographic summary)  
  Mount Joy, PA 17552  
  REGIONAL BODY (click link for website)  
  Presbytery of Donegal
Synod of the Trinity
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  ReVision w/ Context  
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  Digging Deep in Donegal  
Nearly 300 year old history
Deep Scot-Irish tradition
and culture
Only 20% of congregation
over 65 years old
Commitment to extend
witness outside their culture
High congregation
participation in ReVision
New Vision, Mission
and Action Plan
New non-traditional service
Youth and homeless
ministry priorities
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l Digging Deep in Donegal l
An already healthy church makes an even healthier choice to expand their territory. The result is a vibrant, new "Back Door" church that is more inclusive, and a million-plus building plan that will provide needed room and a place of beauty to complement their 282-year old historic church.
In the midst of a February snowstorm that weighted down a small central Pennsylvania town like a thick Amish quilt, most of the town's multitude of churches had closed its doors, barring all but the faithful from worshiping together. As it turned out, at least one church in Mount Joy—which also happened to be its oldest congregation—kept its doors open, welcoming all who were willing to brave the elements into its centuries-old stone edifice. Donegal Presbyterian Church was a historical landmark that had survived more than a few snowstorms in its 282 years—and even a few wars.

Donegal Presbyterian is a healthy church. But several years ago they took stock of themselves and realized they could be a lot healthier. Donegal has always had a heart for the hurting, but until that time their missions methodology was what many churches employ: the slightly less than successful "shotgun approach."

Finding out what God's purpose was for their church became Donegal's all-important quest. The Presbytery of Donegal, having seen ReVision used effectively in other churches, recommended Percept's ReVision to (1) help discover God's mission for their church, (2) help locate their target ministry area, and (3) determine what type of ministries they needed to launch that would reach both existing and potential church members.

As it turns out, by using ReVision, the congregation of Donegal was rewarded well beyond what they had envisioned. Employing an Arlo Guthrie "Come on in, it's around the back, just a half mile off the railroad track" approach they started a new service that almost instantly served to break down barriers—both within and without the church.

For pastor Thomas McKinnon, ReVision became an equipping pastor's dream. . .  -Jenni Bruce Keast
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